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Personalized URL

User will get personalized URL after registration, so they can share or view their profiles. Also, this can be used as their personal web url or profile page.

User Friendly Panel

We have made advanced yet simple and easy to use user friendly dashboard for our users, So users can update their academic information with few clicks.

Secure Data

For storing users personal and academic information we have used advanced encryption techniques to store their details stored on safe and secure server.

API Suggestions

As you enter all academic information in the panel, our algorithm calculates API count and also gives suggestions for improvement the count.

Downloadable Reports

UGC's API is calculated in THREE categories. Our system classifies your information in 3 categories. You can download the reports of each category.

Online Support

We have provided dedicated support page to query your issues. We are working on online chat service to enable within dashboard for the same.

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Why We Need API?
As per UGC Guidelines, every Professor has to fulfill certain UGC rules for gradation. This API Score evaluates every academician on different objectives.
How It Works?
Users have to create their profile and enter all their academic details including their research/publication work. Our Algorithm automatically evaluates those work and gives it specific score and also it suggests in which section users need to improve.
Whom it Benefits?
It will benefit to all Professors / Teachers / Academicians to evaluate their teaching skills, and also research work done by them.
How It Helps You?
You can approximately know you API score and also suggestions given by automated system will help you to work on your teaching skills and also how to manage your research publications. It will also recommonds you UGC approved journals list to publish your work.

How It Works?

Register Yourself

We provide simple registration form, to process your request. You can try demo version, after that you can proceed for full version to unlock all features.

Input Details

After successful registration, you have to enter all your details with accurate academic records in the provided panel. Which will helps system to calculate API accurately.


We provide API Count in category wise. Sapienz also provides Suggestions based on your API Count with summary and full report to print and download.

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